“Safekey was not an option due to my son’s disability. There are no after school options for kids on the spectrum that are practical for us, so I have had to depend on a multitude of sitters, friends and occasionally I have to leave work or work from home in order to be there when the bus drops my son off. It is all very stressful and very costly.

The after school program with RAD was such a wonderful experience.  My son enjoyed being there. They allowed his RBT’s to meet with him at the program and they worked together with his RBT’s for the benefit of my son.  It was convenient and so much more affordable.”


“The kids had a RAD Mother’s Day event here. It was amazing! I love the “everyone has a superhero inside them” theme. My kids had a wonderful time. Sensory issues were no problem. Transitions, meltdowns, no problem. The staff is trained and great for handling all kinds and levels of need. My kids loved making snacks! I loved that they were working on so many skills while playing and having fun.”


“Thanks to this program I can have a few hours to get things done while all of my children, my son with Autism and his sister without Autism, are being entertained and engaged. Parents need time during the weekend and our children need socialization.”


“RAD has been an important part of our life. Our son looks forward to all the social events and meeting new friends. We appreciate all the hard work that goes into this organization, and the staff’s genuine love for these kids.”


“My son attended the RAD Superhero Sensory event at Milestone Family Solutions and had a great time. I encourage you to look into their company and attend the next event. It’s a nice break for families that don’t usually get time alone without the kids.”


“RAD is an exceptional program for children with special needs.”


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