Making Learning Fun over Summer

Summer Fun

Making Learning Fun over Summer

Summer is often spent cooped up in the home without much play or social interactions. For children with ASD, it is imperative they are constantly exposed to learning and mental development.
Learning throughout Summer is a perfect opportunity to introduce your children to more complex social interaction. The earlier they learn to learn, the quicker they can develop the skills necessary to function easily each day.

Developmental benefit

Playing with other children is essential to development. Play can often benefit children with ASD more than we realize. Because it is sometimes difficult for children with ASD to socialize with other children, it can sometimes be assumed they should be having fun elsewhere.
Social interaction develops language skills, cognition, problem-solving, social, motor, empathy, and negotiation skills. Even if it’s difficult, exposing your children at a young age to the complexities of social interaction will benefit them in the long run.

Games to play

We know that Summer activities will help our children develop some amazing skills! Now, what do we do? What games can we play to encourage curiosity and learning? Here are some of our favorites and why we love them:

  • Bubble snakes; learn to piece together a water bottle into a snake maker! Then, teach your children the different areas of your backyard. Or, have your children make up a story about the snake. Learning to take the perspective of another person and role-play would be incredibly beneficial to their emotional development.
  • Crayon painting; take an electric griddle and reconfigure it into a wax melter for your crayons! Teach your children about safety and temperature around this one. The colors usually tend to turn out more vibrant and fun than normal drawing with crayons.
  • Sponge painting; learning to be creative is so important for children with ASD! Painting with sponges is incredibly fun, too. Afterwards, your children will have something to show you. You can show how proud you are, which will encourage more creativity.
  • Water play; this one encompasses a wide range of activities. You can teach your children to water the plants in your backyard. Or, you can teach them to wash toys in big tubs of waters. If they are looking for something a bit more fun, set up a sprinkler for them to run through. This can provide endless fun and will teach them the cognitive basics of water.
  • Events hosted by RAD

    All throughout Summer, RAD will be hosting events for children with ASD and their families. June 27 will be We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym! Join us in celebrating our children with ASD while they have a blast working together to overcome obstacles. Check the Events tab on our website to learn more about the awesome things we have planned for Summer!
    If you would like to help us put on more events and continue to support children with ASD, consider donating to our GoFundMe. If you make purchases online, support us through AmazonSmile. It’s just a few clicks for you, but it means the world to us.

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